Hi lovely people! Hope y’all doing fine! It was a great start after the 9 weeks of lockdown. We feel privileged to have a fresh start. We’ve opened our doors again with a full agenda for 3 weeks! Which salon that just opened can say that?! We are very grateful for all your wonderful comments and reviews we’ve received! We also noticed that since the start of HAARWERK AMSTERDAM, we already have many regular customers. We are so happy about that and we will continue to shine!

We are hiring!

Due to choosing a new life path, Ramon decided to no longer work in the hairdressing profession. We think it’s a real shame to lose such a talent, but we fully understand his choice! We wish him all the luck in the world and hope he will ace his studies!

We are now hiring! HAARWERK AMSTERDAM is looking for a top hairstylist with a fixed client base in Amsterdam. Send us your CV and letter of motivation through our contact form or send it directly to We are also open to hiring a full-time intern!

New opening hours

HAARWERK AMSTERDAM has chosen to close the doors on Sundays. This will enable us to have one day of the weekend off, which we are looking forward to! Since Sundays were always busy, this is quite an exciting step but we hope to create a little more peace into our private lives, with a slightly more relaxed agenda. We hope for your understanding and we really look forward to welcoming you on any other day of the week! We are also starting an hour later every day and we’ll keep our beautiful salon open until 6:30 PM. Please check our new opening times at the bottom of our website.

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